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Suggestions for Reading to Your Child
    While reading, show your child…

    the title of the book.

    how to read from left to right by touching each word as you read.

    how to count the number of words on the page.

    how to find the biggest and smallest word on the page.

    punctuation marks and identify them by name.

    the author’s name and explain what an author does.

    the illustrator’s name and explain what an illustrator does.

Suggestions For Reading With Your Child

While reading, can your child...

    find the title?

    read from left to right?

    touch the word that he/she is reading?

    return sweep to the next line?

    count the number of words on the page?

    find the biggest/smallest word on the page?

    identify the punctuation mark(s)?

    tell you what an author does?

    tell you what an illustrator does?

    find the sight words that you say? (ex. find the word “the”)

Tips for while you're reading!

    Look for chunks or parts that you know.

    Backtrack and read it again.

    Does it make sense?

    Look at the pictures.

    Use sounds.

    Skip and go on. Then go back and figure it out.

    Get your mouth ready to say the word.

Getting Started

    Keep books handy.You may want to keep a basket of books in a prominent place in your home. A home library need not be expensive. Trips to the library can be an adventure and bring new titles into your home each week.

    Choose books your child likes.Great books cost no more than others. Try to choose books that your child will want to hear and read over and over again.

    Set a special time for reading.Bedtime is a great time to read aloud to your child, but it’s not the only good time. You may want to try reading at times of the day when your child is fussy. The magic of words and the sound of your soothing voice can calm even the most energetic child.

    Talk about the story as you read.Help your child make connections to the story as you read. Discuss how a character is like someone your child knows. Explain things your child does not understand.

Have Fun Reading With Your Child All Summer!

    Set a reading time each day.

    Get a library card and visit your library regularly.

    Have a special quiet place to read.

    Have books everywhere, even in the car.

    Share your favorite books with friends.

    Find a variety of things to read: magazines, newspapers, etc.

    Read by flashlight in a tent under the stars!

    Read under a shady tree.

    Tape record yourself reading a story.

    Read to an adult, a friend, a pet, or a stuffed animal!

    Be creative, find a fun way to enjoy reading!!