Open to the middle of the book and put up 3 fingers. Read a page to yourself and put down a finger every time you find a “tricky” word.

Do you have any fingers still up? If yes, then this could be a good book for you!


- You can read it very quickly

- You have no “tricky” words.

- You finish quickly.

- You enjoyed it!

- You read a little slowly sometimes.

- You figured out most of the “tricky” words easily.

- You can think about the story while reading.

- You enjoyed it even though you did some reading work to get it right.

- You had lots of “tricky” words and some you could not get.

- You had to read and reread to try
to understand the story.

- Some parts did not make sense to you.

- It was not a lot of fun to read.


- Look for chunks or parts that you know.

- Backtrack and read it again.

- Does it make sense?

- Look at the pictures.

- Use sounds.

- Skip and go on. Then go back and figure it out.

- Ask who, what, where, when and why questions about the book.

- Tell about the characters, setting, problem and solution.

- Summarize at the end of each page, chapter, or book.

- Make personal connections to your own life or other books you have read.